Slip and fall incidents happen when a person suffers harm after falling due to dangerous conditions on another person's property. The laws governing slip and fall issues are under the general rules of negligence. Slip and fall accidents can cause broken bones, sprained wrists and ankles, knee injuries, dislocated joints, brain injuries, and soft tissue injuries.

If you slip and fall while on vacation, seek immediate help from a hospital and ensure you collect all the evidence you require to pursue a compensation claim. The success of such a case depends upon the lawyer's articulation of details to show one party was negligent. This piece discusses slip and fall accidents while on vacation and the appropriate responses. 

Vacation Rental

Knowing your rights as a vacation renter is essential in case of an accident when residing in a rental apartment. Some of the hazards that cause slip and fall accidents in rental properties include poor lighting on walkways, slippery floors, damaged railings, and neglected stairs, among other unsafe conditions. The weather might also cause slip and fall accidents and stormy and snowy weather. 

Courts consider the landlord's negligence under several conditions. The landlord must have a legal duty to reasonably care about the cause of the accident, and they failed to act in such a manner. You must also prove that you suffered actual harm due to the neglect and other accrued damages. Finally, show that the accident was avoidable if the landlord had exercised their duty.

Beach Area

Several factors contribute to slip and fall accidents at the beach. For example, you might slip and fall due to the wet sand, wet cement in outdoor showers, missing boards on decks, spilled food, moss, rotting surfaces, and debris. Most beaches are public, so proving that someone was negligent and caused an accident might be difficult.

However, such cases are usually actionable when accidents occur in beachfront theme parks and private beaches. The owners are responsible for injuries that occur on their land. This liability also applies to people who sponsor and organize events on private and public beaches. Your attorney might also prove that public servants such as lifeguards and cleaners are liable for your injuries. 


The success of a claim from slip and fall accidents in a hotel depends upon your ability to prove the hotel's negligence. Premises liability law refers to the guest as an invitee. The hotel must take all necessary steps to ensure the invitee's safety. Therefore, the hotel is often at fault for slip and fall accidents because of slippery floors, damaged staircases, and other issues.

Hotels might also have other amenities such as parking lots, restaurants, and swimming pools. If such amenities lack safety equipment, your attorney can sue for compensation when you slip and fall. The hotel has to keep the walkways clear of tripping hazards. The hotel must also install surfaces with enough traction, especially near the swimming pool and build handrails where necessary. 

If you slip and fall while on vacation, file a report with the resort, hotel, or property owner. Slip and fall accidents are dangerous and might have you bedridden or hospitalized for a while. A compensation claim helps you pay medical bills and the cost of adjusting your lifestyle. Therefore, ensure you file the claim as soon as possible.

To do so, seek legal help from attorneys. At Palmetto Injury Lawyers LLC, we handle slip and fall accidents for vacation goers. Our attorney can help you argue your case and ensure you receive the proper compensation. Our lawyer also handles legal matters, leaving you to concentrate on your recovery. 

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