You can get hurt at any job, but some occupations have a higher risk of fatal injuries. If you worry about yourself or someone you love because they have a dangerous job, check out these four occupations with high risk of fatal work injuries to know how to better avoid accidents.


1. Commercial Fishers

Commercial fishers and fishing workers face many risks every time they go out to sea. The three main causes of fatal work injuries while fishing include vessel disasters, falls overboard, and deck injuries. A vessel disaster is any disaster that destroys the boat, fire, collision, capsizing, etc., or causes it to sink. For this reason, having adequate lifeboats is a must to prevent drowning and freezing in cold waters.

Similarly, falling overboard can quickly lead to drowning, especially in stormy seas. This is why fishing workers need to wear personal floating devices at all time and participate in training for helping in "man overboard" recovery techniques. They should also never be alone on deck so someone is always there to witness if someone does fall overboard.

Deck injuries make up a small percentage of fatal injuries and most non-fatal injuries. This can be due to the equipment stored on deck: high tension cables and hydraulic machinery. However, something as common as a wet deck can cause slipping. To prevent injuries, keep the deck dry and add lots of light.

2. Logging Workers

Logging workers face a lot of danger too. Loggers often have to climb tall trees, and if their security system fails, they can fall. Even if they aren't in a tree, the weight of a tree falling on them can kill them.

Logging requires a lot of dangerous machinery, such as chainsaws and axes. If these machines aren't maintained or handled properly, they may lead to severe injury or death. Of course, even something as simple as uneven terrain can lead to tripping and falling.

One way to avoid logging-related accidents is to ensure everyone is adequately trained on any equipment they use. Everyone also needs to wear proper safety equipment: goggles, hardhats, etc.

3. Truck Drivers

Truck drivers have to deal with a lot of potential dangers while on the road. Some injuries may be as minor as pain in the neck and back from sitting for long periods of time or loading and unloading heavy equipment.

Truck drivers also risk getting into major accidents. Even a driver who follows all rules of the road may get hit by another driver.

In many cases, driver fatigue, however, is the cause of trucking accidents. Truck drivers drive long hours to reach deadlines. This leads to fatigue, making drivers more likely to fall asleep at the wheel or lose concentration. To protect yourself as a truck driver, be mindful of your surroundings, and make sure to take plenty of breaks so you don't become overly fatigued.

4. Agricultural Workers  

Agricultural workers also face a plethora of risks. One reason for this is the animals. When sick animals aren't treated or the farm or ranch is rarely cleaned, it can lead to disease. The best way to stop the spread of disease is to keep everything clean and healthy.

Another common risk is heat-related illness, which can lead to severe dehydration. In some cases, without treatment, the worker may even die. For this reason, all workers should have plenty of access to shade and water, especially on hot days.

Even if you're working in a small customer service center, you can get hurt, but jobs like fishing have a much higher risk because of the dangers involved. If you would like to know more about occupations with higher risk of fatal work injuries, or if you need to learn more about wrongful death lawsuits, contact us at Palmetto Injury Lawyers today.

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