Myrtle Beach is lined with all types of resorts and hotels that guests stay at year after year. While you're on vacation, the last thing you want to deal with is an injury, but sometimes unfortunate circumstances occur.

While you may blame yourself for an injury at a Myrtle Beach hotel, the hotel property may have been negligent and part of the cause of the injury. Instead of brushing an injury off as an accident or mistake, a hotel may be held liable for your injuries and medical bills.

Learn about some signs of hotel negligence and ways a personal injury lawyer will help represent your injury case.

Floor Conditions

A slip and fall accident isn't often the result of clumsiness, but rather the conditions of the floor you walk on. Whether you were in the main lobby, your room, or a random hallway, the condition of the hotel you stay at could have a big impact on how your injury was caused.

For example, a tile floor could have cracked, loose, or broken tiles. The hotel should have properly repaired the areas to prevent any injuries or problems. When a hotel leaves the damaged floor, visitors are exposed to potential dangers and hazards.

In a hotel room, worn carpets or warped floors could result in an injury. Images or reports of the floor condition will help showcase the negligence. A lawyer may rely on video or witness testimony to showcase how the floor conditions were the cause of the slip and fall injury.

Sand & Water

A number of Myrtle Beach hotels are located right on the beach. As guests come and go from various resorts, they may track sand and water into the entrances and exits. A hotel has the responsibility to provide guests with safe walkway areas. A guest could easily slip and fall on the sand or water and get hurt.

While a guest should expect a small amount of sand or water when staying next to the beach, there are many ways a hotel could help prevent falls. Grip mats, extra cleaning crews, or inspections in a timely manner will help prevent the accident.

A lawyer will look into the conditions of the areas and any policies which may or may not have been implemented in the situation.


For many guests, navigating the hotel means going places they’ve never been before. Because of this, the hotel should have proper signage and warnings for guests. For example, signs should showcase where areas may drop off, areas may be slippery, or areas that could pose other dangers.

A lack of proper signage could be enough to show a hotel's negligence. In some cases, older hotels and resorts may have signage that is too worn to read or have fallen off the wall. All of these sign elements will come into play for your case, so you should document the condition of the signage.

Post-Injury Treatment

Once you've been injured at a hotel, the actions that follow could have some impact on your personal injury case. A lawyer may have many questions about post-injury care. For example, how did hotel employees come to assist you injuries? Did they offer extra help? How long did it take the employees to come and help?

Also, following a hospital visit, did the hotel attempt to compensate for lost time in the room or on the resort? All of these questions will impact a negligence case and showcase whether the hotel followed their duties or not.

If you've been injured at a Myrtle Beach Hotel, contact our professional lawyers at Palmetto Injury Lawyers. We have years of experience and the ability to break down all the aspects of your case.

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