Myrtle Beach is a popular vacation destination where visitors enjoy the waters, attractions, and activities to participate in on a daily basis. Unfortunately, sometimes an injury may ruin or take away from your vacation time on the beach.

When you suffer from an injury on vacation, your whole routine may be thrown off and you may just want to get back home to heal from your injuries. Before too much time goes by, you need to get proper representation for your personal injury case.

For many people, decided what type of injury to contact a lawyer for may be a challenge. Follow our guide of common vacation injuries to understand how negligence, other parties, and your personal injuries all factor into potential cases and why you should contact a lawyer.

Parking Lot Conditions

Slip and fall accidents are all too common, but people are easy to blame clumsiness or accidents for the situation. In many conditions, the property owners may have been negligent in their effort to provide safe places for people to walk on. In Myrtle Beach, one of these locations may be a parking lot area.

In order to enjoy Myrtle Beach, you have to be able to get there. Parking lots are not the fun part of visiting the area, but they are essential. When parking lots are not properly taken care of, the areas may cause problems for guests. For example, the parking lots may be uneven or have potholes. Areas may be worn down or in need of repair. Debris and overflowing trashcans may cause walking hazards.

A lawyer can help prove property neglect in cases where you've been injured on a parking lot. Having photo evidence of the exact location where you fell is the first step to building evidence and a case in your favor.


Similar to parking lots, hotels may also be a location where slip and fall incidents occur. As beach guests enter and exit hotel lobbies, sand, water, and other debris may easily track through the area. Without proper cleaning or flooring, you may have slipped and fell in a dangerous area.

Along with the negligence of not providing a proper walking area, hotel lobbies may not have proper signage about slippery or wet areas. If signs were in place, your injury may have been prevented. A lawyer can help gather evidence of other injuries, the hotel conditions, and witness statements to help build a case. Do not blame yourself for a slip and fall accident if there was another element that could have easily prevented the situation.

Other than the lobby, other hotel areas like restaurants or elevators may have potential slip and fall hazards.

Animal Attacks

Beach areas are popular areas for tourists to often bring their dogs or other pets. While these pets should be trained and properly leashed, attacks may occur and you often have a right to a personal injury case. Unless you were violent or harmful to the animal in some way, no one should be attacked or injured by a dog.

A lawyer should be contacted a soon as possible to move forward with a personal injury case. Not only can the pet owner be held liable in a case, but the property owner who allowed pets may be held liable. A lawyer can help break down the case and expand upon more than just the physical injuries.

Not only do you have hospital bills, but you have lost vacation time, and may have some emotional damages due to the animal attack. Every base is covered when a lawyer gets involved with the case.

Contact us at Palmetto Injury Lawyers to move forward with your case and help reach a settlement for your Myrtle Beach vacation injuries.

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