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Car Accident Attorney Serving Myrtle Beach, SC

If you have been in an auto collision near Myrtle Beach, SC, call Palmetto Injury Lawyers to find yourself an experienced car accident attorney. There is no reason you should have to try to address this traumatic experience on your own. A car or truck accident lawyer can ease the burden of your recovery process.

What Our Car Accident Lawyers Will Do for You

Trying to handle an injury claim on your own can be overwhelming, so much so that many people simply don’t bother to file a claim at all. At Palmetto Injury Lawyers, LLC, we believe that you deserve to receive the full compensation available from the insurance company instead of trying to shoulder the financial burden on your own. This is why we want to help you file your injury claim.

Our work isn’t as simple as helping you fill out paperwork or talking you through the process. Our car accident attorneys will personally undertake the job of negotiating with all of the involved insurance companies. This way, you don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing to an insurance adjuster and ending up with less of a payout than you deserve.

Moreover, we will help you work out any of the more nuanced aspects of your case. For one, we will work with you to gather evidence to prove another party’s fault and liability for the accident. In addition, we will maximize the value of your claim by helping you to detect all of the injuries and complications that have arisen from your accident.

While our firm is local to Myrtle Beach, we are happy to help locals and visitors alike with their personal injuries, as we understand that risk doesn’t take a vacation when you do. Even if you’ve returned to your home far away from Myrtle Beach, we will help you gain compensation for any injuries you obtained while you were here.

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