Boating & Watercraft Injury

Boating & Watercraft Injury

Call Palmetto Injury Lawyers for helpful information about your South Carolina boat or jet ski injury claim process and how to protect your legal rights.  We are easy to talk to.  Even better, you can talk to us for free.  Please call us Toll Free (888) 848-8847 or fill out our contact form for more information.

From the Atlantic Ocean to the Intracoastal Waterway, to the numerous beautiful lakes found throughout South Carolina, boating, jet ski, and other watercraft recreation is very popular in our state. Unfortunately however, sometimes having fun on the water overshadows safety, resulting in serious or deadly injuries. We've seen the recipe for disaster all too often: an inexperienced operator, a few too many beers, a lot of distractions, a powerful boat, a sharp propeller, open water, a skier or wake boarder in back, sometimes all in the context and vicinity of hundreds of other boaters and jet skiers with similar distractions.

Hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries occur each year as a result of recreational boating accidents. Careless/reckless operation, operator inattention, no proper lookout, operator inexperience and passenger/skier behavior generally rank as the top five primary contributing factors in accidents. Alcohol use is the leading contributing factor in fatal boating accidents.

If you have been injured in a boat, jet ski or watercraft accident, Palmetto Injury Lawyers can help you. We are experienced at communicating with insurance adjusters and knowing what should and should not be done in watercraft accident cases. More importantly, we do the work for you, including talking to the adjuster, medical records reviewing and collecting, valuating injury claim valuation, negotiating settlements, and if need be, filing a court action to preserve your rights.

Call Palmetto Injury Lawyers for free advice about your South Carolina boat, jet ski or watercraft injury claim at Toll Free (888) 848-8847 or fill out our contact form for more information.

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